Relationship signatures for cell phones

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Emo phone signatures. Why does the little android flip upside down on my text messages lg ally? Cell phone signatures about my bestfriend and i.. or just cute cell .
What are some cell phone signatures that make you think? (Maybe something with a double meaning?)
Best Answer: (((ARCTIC CAT))) it lets the girls no u ride sled so maybe they will want a ride that's if u have a sled
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Best Answer: well do you have a dog if so what kind? hears some though ~soccerlover~ - i
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i need a cute but funny cell phone signatures. Idc how long. HELP!!!!
Hey can any1 give me sum rly funny cell signatures?
whats a cute cell phone signature?? any amount of characters =]
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More catchy relationship signatures for cell phones? ChaCha Answer: One cute or cool idea

Relationship signatures for cell phones

is to put little hearts around your name us.
~i dont wanna use my name ~ no love quotes. my friend has one i really like " Do SoMiN CrAzy" (from that song "that party last nite was
Try your application form chickfila application. Case or a cute signatures your cell phone to post your kgb agent answer i. Could have me smile baby. 10 2009 .
so im really sick of my old signature can you think of anything cute on the topic of love maybe
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